Rack Storage System Provides Molder with Significant Cost Savings

A recent customer case study shows how significant cost savings can be realized by implementing a well-designed mold storage system.

In this particular application, a Rack-Storage Pull-Out Racking and Storage system saved space and improved productivity at a leading molder’s facility by reducing setup times and storing molds in designated locations.

The molder had over 4,000 molds with varying sizes.  Using the unique Rack-Storage system, they were able to remove all forklift trucks from the shop floor.  Benefits included:

  • Elimination of forklift trucks
  • Reduction in non-productive staff
  • No rental costs or insurance costs
  • Reduced storage envelope
  • No wooden pallets
  • No lost or hard to find tools
  • Improved Health and Safety
  • Productivity Improvements
  • Less tool maintenance
  • Attractive tool logistics area
  • Step up times greatly reduced
  • No double Handling

Direct cost savings to this customer included:

Annual Reduction in press downtime due to faster mold changes saving typical 10 hours/week @ $350/hr


(Faster mold changes facilitated in reduced time in looking for tools and reduced double handling of molds to move and allow access for correct mold)


In addition to the productivity savings, the company was able to eliminate 2 forklifts utilized in mold changes

Elimination of forklifts required for molds


Reduction in forklift drivers


Reduction in forklift costs (gas, insurance, maintenance)


Total Forklift Savings per year



Total Annual Savings as a result of Rack Storage implementation



Cost of full rack installation for 4000 molds


Mold rack installation had a full payback in less than 12 months with an ROI of 1.3 in a year


“This example shows how significant cost savings can be with a well-designed mold storage system,” said Graeme Sands, General Manager of Globeius, Inc., “and this doesn’t even include the costs of space savings in the plant.  The customer was able to store 30 molds in a 6 square-foot floor space!” 


Globeius Named Exclusive Distributor for Rack-Storage (UK) Ltd. in North America


Based in Birmingham, England, Rack-Storage (UK) Ltd. has named Globeius Inc. as its exclusive distributor in the USA, Canada and Mexico.


“We are thrilled to be representing Rack-Storage in North America,” said Graeme Sands, General Manager of Globeius Inc.  “Storage and handling of molds is a critical function in any molding facility, and Rack-Storage is an expert in this area.  A properly designed storage system can help a company realize significant financial benefits through space efficiency, reduced mold change times and even possibly eliminating the need for forklifts,” he said.    

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