Dispenser for Big Bags

The innovative FLEDBAG® lets you empty
big bags easily, quickly and precisely.

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Conveyor Belts

Our range of conveyors, separators
and automatic box filling equipment

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Extrusion Blow Molding

All-electric shuttle machines come in single- and double-sided models for containers from 10 ml to 30 liters. Machines are suited to automated takeoff of upright bottles.

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Globeius - A Solutions Company

Plastics Solutions, Inc., as part of the Plastec USA Group, has been in business for almost 40 years, focusing on the plastics industry in Latin America and more recently in the United States and Canada. As our business has grown, we have become much more than just a plastics company.  We supply products to the agricultural market and to a wider industrial landscape. In keeping with this, we are excited to be rebranding as Globeius, a solutions company that can focus on various market segments specifically. 

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Magnets / Separation Equipment

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FLEDBAG® ORIGINAL for all big bags