Hot Tip Sprue Cleaner Unclogs Sprue Bushings and Tips | Plastics Technology

Globeius says its Hot Tip Sprue Cleaner can bring sprues and nozzles back to production-ready life, quickly and safely. Clogged hot sprue bushing and nozzle tips represent critical components that require care during maintenance and repair, while also being costly to replace. Globeius offers a means to eliminate those clogs safely, which in some cases, can be done without removing the mold from the press.

The Hot Tip Sprue Cleaner is a flexible, hand-held tool for melting thermoplastics from plugged sprues and nozzles. Users squeeze the trigger and within 10 seconds the powerful heater increases the temperature of the tip to 350 C (662 F), melting away the obstructive clog. Read more