Mouldpro Inline Water Filters Keep Mold Cooling Channels Clean

Distributed in North America by Globeius Inc.


A new line of inline water filters from Mouldpro ApS of Ballerup, Denmark help keep cooling channels clean in injection molds.  These filters are distributed in North America by Globeius, Inc.


Mouldpro offers a variety of inline water filter products, including a new filter that has a built-in maintenance indicator.  The indicator shows when the filter is clean and moves down accordingly when the filter is dirty and needs cleaning or replacement.  This simple feature can save molders from clogged cooling lines, which lead to costly maintenance and downtime.


“These products remove dirt particles, rust, or water scale deposits from a mold’s cooling channels,” said Graeme Sands, General Manager of Globeius.  “They are low-cost products that can save molders some very potentially high costs by preventing downtime.”


The Mouldpro filters are easy to clean and maintain and consist of two housing parts and a filter.  The filter inserts can be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath, or simply replaced; Globeius stocks the replacement cartridges. 


The new maintenance indicator option is available on both standard and stainless-steel filters.  The stainless-steel filters are ideal for conformal-cooling tooling channels.  They are suitable for use with water or oil-based coolants with a flow volume up to 80 l/min, within a temperature range of -10 to 260 C.


“These filters are high quality and made in Europe, and are available at excellent pricing,” said Graeme Sands.  Sands added that these filters are in stock at Globeius’ headquarters in Miami, Florida and ready for fast delivery.