Plastics Machinery Magazine | Respect, honesty are lodestars for Plastec's Hector Sosa

Article from Plastics Machinery Magazine article, January 2022. 

Written by Bruce Geiselman

Plastec USA Inc. cofounder Hector Vicente Sosa’s life turned upside down in 1961 when, at age 18, he went from being a promising engineering student at the University of Havana to a struggling dishwasher at a Union City, N.J., coffee shop.

Sosa fled Cuba following the Communist Revolution and the unsuccessful Bay of Pigs invasion in fear for his life. He arrived in the U.S. alone and with only a rudimentary knowledge of English, but he practiced the language by reading and re-reading a borrowed paperback copy of “The Gladiators,” a novel about Spartacus, a gladiator who led a slave rebellion against the Roman Republic. He also read out loud the names and words on street signs as he walked to and from work. Read More