Plastics Solutions, Inc., as part of the Plastec USA Group, has been in business for almost 40 years, focusing on the plastics industry in Latin America and more recently in the United States and Canada. As our business has grown, we have become much more than just a plastics company.  We supply products to the agricultural market and to a wider industrial landscape. In keeping with this, we are excited to be rebranding as Globeius, a solutions company that can focus on various market segments specifically. 

40 years in the making

Globeius is a company that has been 40 years in the making.  We are excited to be embarking on this new chapter of our progression from a one man operation selling equipment into the plastics industry to a multi-national company that focuses on bringing solutions to customers in a variety of industries throughout the Americas.

A family business built on relationships

We are a third-generation family business that has developed a reputation as being honest and hard working.  We have well established relationships with many of our international and domestic partners and work closely with them to bring innovative solutions to our customers in North and South America.

Count on us to make international delivery simple for you

Our years of experience in logistics, importation and warehousing means we are able to provide significant value in ensuring the timely delivery of products when importing from Europe to the Americas or exporting from the US into Latin America.

A focus on delivering quality solutions

We focus on bringing unique quality products from reputable manufacturers rather than trying to bring lesser quality alternatives from low cost countries.  As our company President Ernie Sosa has often said, “We don’t want a quick sale of a cheap product, we want to develop a relationship with our customers and provide lasting solutions to meet a variety of needs.”

We would love the chance to discuss some of your specific needs and how we can help!