Who could’ve imagined so many zones of hot runner temperature control packed into such a small controller footprint? Husky did. Our very affordable Neo5 hot runner controller can support up to 48 zones—perfect for low-to-medium-cavity molds.

It’s such a simple design, with a user interface that offers both basic and advanced operational modes. Basic, for less-experienced operators, and advanced as your operators gain more experience and confidence. Tailoring either mode to your operator offers important benefits:

  • Reduced operator learning curves

  • Increased operator confidence and productivity

  • Faster operator training at lower cost

Neo5 hot runner controllers are packed with functionality. Each provides access to 11 different languages, so no matter where in the world you manufacture, little is lost in translation. They also come with built-in auto-diagnostic tools, enabling your operator to quickly identify and address any issues, such as heaters or sensors and wiring in the mold, without significant impact to injection molding uptime and productivity.

Plus, you can position the Neo5 controller precisely where you want it. It is available in space-saving tabletop configurations and freestanding mobile units for higher zone counts.

Make a Neo5 mold control system an integral part of your molding process. You’ll be certain of optimal melt temperature and hot runner control, thanks to its powerful yet simple user interface. And you’ll maximize production floor space with one of the industry’s smallest controller footprints.

Reduces Scrap Rates
Systematic elimination of process variability with good temperature control helps to reduce your scrap rates. 

Accurate Temperature Control
The Neo5 controller is a building block within an injection molding system that eliminates critical process variables by accurately controlling the temperature of the melt in the hot runner system. Reducing process temperatures results in lower energy costs and faster cycles. 

Higher Yields
By utilizing a Neo5 hot runner temperature controller, you can achieve better melt-stream management, which contributes to a more capable system that produces higher yields.

Better Part Quality
More accurate and repeatable control with minimal cavity-to-cavity and shot-to-shot variability contributes to better part quality and process stability.

Greater Stability
Eliminates potential risk associated with electromagnetic interference emitted by servo motor systems found in typical electric molding machines.

Greater Accuracy and Repeatability
The Neo5 injection molding controller employs Active Reasoning Technology (ART) to ensure: 

  • Input signal quality
  • Controlled algorithm precision
  • Speed and uniformity of power output

Ease of Use

  • Flat-screen navigation and color coding provide an intuitive interface and shortened learning curve for new users.
  • Automatic setup storage and recall features ensure the same mold processing parameters are used, with no need for operator intervention.
  • Multilingual interface makes it easy for users anywhere in the world to understand and operate.

Automated Mold Diagnostics
The Neo5 hot runner controller offers real-time current and voltage measurements, permitting operators to test for and identify issues associated with:

  • Supply voltage and current delivery to each heater
  • Thermal response and correct electrical wiring
  • Open, reversed or pinched thermocouples
  • Kilowatt hour (kWh) usage per mold
  • Resistance and wattage measurement for each heater
  • Zone-to-zone thermal analysis

Plastic Leak Detection
Early-warning detection of resin leaks in the gate area and nozzle bore helps decrease downtime and operating costs.

Mitigate Risk of Mold Damage and Resin Degradation
Closed-loop digital interlocks between the Neo5 controller and the injection molding machine protect the molding process by reducing the need for operator-dependent actions.

Neo5 mold controllers give manufacturers precise manufacturing capabilities, with an economical price and a compact design. It is ideal for a variety of industries, including:


  • Wiring connectors
  • Knobs, handles, buttons and levers
  • Small panels and parts

Consumer Electronics

  • Components with high tolerances
  • Bezels
  • Enclosures
  • Battery caps
  • Covers
  • Clips
  • Knobs, buttons and handles
  • Housings


  • Waterproof containers
  • Reusable containers
  • Storage containers

Personal Care

  • Dispensers
  • Cosmetics bottles and jars
  • Handles and holders
  • Display cases
  • Caps and lids

Altanium® Neo5™ Characteristics and Specifications

Table Top Configuration 1 Bay: H: 407 mm (16-inch) W: 305 mm (12-inch) D: 331 mm (13-inch)
2 Bay: H: 635 mm (25-inch) W: 305 mm (12-inch) D: 331 mm (13-inch)
With Mobile Stand 1 Bay: H: 1270 mm (50-inch) W: 426 mm (17-inch) D: 584 mm (23-inch)
2 Bay: H: 1346 mm (53-inch) W: 426 mm (17-inch) D: 584 mm (23-inch)
Control for up to 48 zones Configurable for up to 48 zones, the controller can be applied to different molds.
Customizable Basic and Advanced modes Fully configurable Basic and Advanced modes that can be assigned to individual operators, so they are only using features and functions that are necessary to perform their job.
Process monitoring and data collection Monitor all zone data and automatically write process variables as individual CSV files to a network file share based on a user definable frequency for a permanent record of the control process.
Small footprint The compact design uses a minimal amount of area, freeing up valuable space in and around the molding cell.
Digital interface with IMM Closed-loop digital interlocks with the IMM protect the molding process by reducing the need for operatordependent actions, mitigating the risk of mold damage and resin degradation.
Multi-language support Instant access to 11 languages so that the controller is easily adopted by operators regardless of the region it is operating in.
Powerful diagnostic tools Automatically test all heaters, sensors and wiring in the mold to quickly identify issues or validate molds before running production.
Role based security profiles Requires a user name and password to log into and use the system. User permissions can be assigned by a specific role to better control who can change critical process parameters.
Mold setup storage and recall Save zone settings by mold name and recall them with the touch of a button, ensuring the associated mold is always using the correct processing parameters.
Mobile Stand Includes a stand with casters and integrated cable storage compartment.
Remote Display Includes 7.6 m (25ft) field cables for mounting a freestanding configuration of the touch monitor and computer in a remote location.
Remote Touch Monitor Includes 10 m (33ft) field cables for mounting only the integrated touch monitor in a remote location.
Digital I/O Includes 4 inputs and 4 outputs with two 7.6 m (25ft) field cables (Flying leads on field end).
Technical Specifications  
Operator Interface Integrated Neo5™ 10.1-inch HD Color Touch Monitor
Configurations 1 Bay: Up to 6 control cards.
2 Bay: Up to 12 control cards
Supported card types HL-Series: (4z at 5A, 2z at 16A, 1z at 30A)
H-Series: (4z at 5A, 2z at 16A, 1z at 30A)
Supply voltage 1-PH + Earth (3 wire) 200-240 VAC
3-PH + Earth (4 wire) 200-240 VAC
3-PH + N + Earth (5 wire) 380-415 VAC
Other voltages require an input supply transformer.
Heater Outputs All zones rated at nominally 240 VAC (other voltages optional), 16 Amps per zone standard (5 or 30 Amps optional), Short circuit protection for each zone (both legs fused).
Alarms Open Circuit Heater; Output Fuse State; High and Low Temperature; Shorted for Reversed Thermocouple; Ground Fault.

Altanium® Neo5™ Mold Controller

Altanium® Neo5™ compact is ideal for molders who want a highly accurate and precise hot runner temperature control solution for low to medium cavity molds at a budget-friendly price.

With its rich feature set and compact design, Neo5™ is well suited for any molding environment yet addresses the need for simplicity by incorporating Basic and Advanced Operation modes. This functionality tailors the Neo5’s substantial feature set to the operator’s needs, so they are only using what is necessary to perform their job. Integrating Neo5™ into your molding process will ensure optimal temperature control within one of the industry’s smallest footprints and a powerful yet simple user interface that reduces the learning curve, resulting in lower training costs and more confident, reliable operators.