Plastics News | Business stays strong for blow  molding machine builders

Excerpt from Plastics News article, November 2021. 

Cleaning up on sales

Earlier this year, Miami-based Globeius Inc. sold 10 all-electric blow molding machines built by Plastiblow srl in Corsico, Italy, to a manufacturer of household cleaning products in Mexico. The machines, which are being delivered this year and next year, are valued at $12 million, according to Globeius President Ernesto Sosa. “The customer decided on the Plastiblow technology because they understand the nancial and production bene ts of all-electric machines: high cavitation, high volume and faster cycles, which amounts to substantially lower kilowatt cost per pound,” Sosa said. “One electric Plastiblow machine can essentially replace or do the work of two conventional hydraulic machines. That’s money in the customer’s bottom line.” Plastiblow allied with Globeius in 2020 to offer its all-electric technology. The principals of the two companies also have agreed to a joint venture, Plastiblow NA, which will be responsible for all aftermarket sales and service of machines sold in the U.S. and Mexico. “Plans are to continue to grow the tech center in Miami from where blow molding sales and service are currently available for U.S. customers,” Sosa said. Blow molding machine buyers also are meeting demands for cleaning products and additives for recreational vehicles and outdoor activities, Piercy said. “Big converters in the blow molding space were still readjusting capacities from last year and seeing where the market was,” Piercy said. “There were a lot of projects on the table and a lot in the pipe line, and a few of those broke loose, but we expect next year to be even stronger.”