Plastics Today | Mold water hoses that can take the heat

Excerpt from Plastics Today article, February 2022. 

A new line of mold water hoses from Mouldpro ApS are designed to provide safe operation at higher temperatures than conventional hoses.

Suited for water, oil, and chemical media for mold temperature control, the T series high-temperature water and oil hose assemblies work at temperatures as high as 164°C (327°F). Standard mold water hoses work at temperatures typically around 100°C (212°F), according to Mouldpro.

The T series hoses are constructed of low-profile helically convoluted PTFE and are reinforced with stainless-steel overbraids. Hoses with silicone red and blue covers also are available.

Made in Europe by Danish company Mouldpro, these hoses and other plastics processing auxiliary equipment are available for immediate delivery from Miami-based distributor Globeius Inc.