Plastics Technology USA | Tool Storage and Handling System Supplier Names Globeius as North American Distributor

Article from Plastics Technology article, February 2022. 

Rack-Storage Ltd., a Birmingham, England based designer and supplier of racking systems for heavy- and light-duty tool storage and handling has named Globeius Inc. (Miami) as its exclusive distributor in North America. Designed for unit loads of up to 22,000 lb, the custom-designed storage systems are available in various widths and heights. Individual pull-out racks have unit loads up to 4400 lb and 22,000 lb with electric actuator.

In a press release, Globeius noted that a properly designed storage system can help an injection molder realize significant financial benefits through space efficiency and reduced mold change times, while opening up the possibility of eliminating forklifts.

Using a recent customer as an example of potential savings, Globeius shared how a Rack-Storage Pull-Out Racking and Storage system allowed the injection molder to efficiently store more than 4000 tools of varying sizes and ultimately remove forklifts from the shop floor, as the molder was able to store 30 molds in a 6-ft2 space.  

In addition to the potential to eliminate forklift trucks and reduce non-production staff, a Rack-Storage system reduces the overall required storage space and the need for wooden pallets on the shop floor. In addition to productivity improvements through faster mold changes and set ups, Globeius says the systems improve plant safety and reduce mold maintenance and repairs.